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How do I get the HOOT Tracker ?

Visit our Website - Click on «Purchase» :

Choose one of our dealers from the list and then connect with them to purchase your HOOT Bike Tracker.

Soon the purchases will be accessible online in click & collect on the website.

Note : Don’t forget that the assembly on your bike is to be done on site by a professional.

The price of our flagship model in the fork pivot is 279€ TTC.

Don’t hesitate to consult our website, the prices may vary from one country to another and the offers may be different.

The subscription is offered for 1 year.

At the end of your offer, you are notified by your HOOT mobile app. You can extend your subscription.

After this date, the cost for the national and international SIM card is €3/month or €36 per year with a subscription of 2 years or €39 for 1 year.

Promotional offers will be offered throughout the year.

Find the price details on our website.

Contents of the box.

You will find all the information on handling the tracker and the mounting tools are in the box.

* 1 HOOT Bike GPS tracker

* 1 external battery and its micro USB charging cable

* 1 HOOT cap to protect your tracer

* 1 set of specific clamping tools

* 1 HOOT sticker

1 installation instruction with HOOT Bike Tracker IMEI code


Make sure to keep the installation manual as it contains the identification code of your HOOT Bike GPS Tracker.

You will find on our website the complete list of our partner stores :

It will be updated regularly. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties in acquiring a HOOT Bike Tracker.

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