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What if I rent a bike equipped for short or long term ?

It all depends on whether you want to protect yourself from your potentially dishonest customers, or if you want to protect your bike from theft by a third party during the rental.

In any case, you can protect your bike in a simple and efficient way.

Choose the mode that is best suited to your activity and especially according to your familiarity with Bluetooth.

* Leave the tracker in “Standard” mode - cut out the notifications or not, that you will receive approximately every 2-3 minutes depending on the network coverage.

Ask your customer to contact you if the bike is stolen.

You don’t need to specify that the bike is equipped with a tracker. Most rental cars have them, as well as rental construction vehicles.

* If you use the tracker in “Expert” mode, it will start "Tracking" mode as soon as it no longer picks up your phone on Bluetooth so it works too.

You will receive the latest GPS points regularly.

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