You should be comfortable with using Bluetooth and receiving an alert only if there is a problem.

Whatever you decide, your tracker is activated by default and will always be protected.

The “Expert” mode works only with your Bluetooth.

You must have paired your tracker with your smartphone.

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Connect my HOOT Bike Tracker via Bluetooth

Pairing my HOOT Tracker with my smartphone

* Once saved, select “Expert” mode. Wait few minutes.

* In case of vibration-movement, your tracker wakes up.
If you are nearby, it recognizes you thanks to Bluetooth. No notification is sent.
 He’s back on sleep.

* If your smartphone’s Bluetooth is out of range of the tracker (it depends of the phones), it alerts you in few minutes.

The "Tracking" mode is automatically activated : “Tracking” mode
 So you receive an alert and GPS points.

* An alert is sent only in case of problem. Same for the GPS position point.

* The «Expert» mode is very battery-efficient since it only wakes up in case of movement and goes back to sleep if it’s you.