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Presentation of our product : The HOOT Bike GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is an object connected to the network, in our case GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and the GPS (satellite) network and which receives the location information from a satellite through a receiver. It then transmits them via a GSM transmitter.

The received satellite positions are communicated to a server which then returns them to a world map on your computer or mobile via an application.

One of the plagues of cycling, amateur or professional, is bike theft.

More than 1,000 bikes are stolen per day, more than 400,000 per year in France Many are never found (250,000). It is more than 2 millions bikes in the world that are stolen in the world. 

HOOT Tracker and its custom mobile app, HOOT, offer an innovative and easy-to-use solution for all cyclists.

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