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First steps with your Hoot Bike GPS tracker


1.Charge your Tracker

Before mounting your Gps tracker hoot Bike, please charge your device.
To proceed, take off the hood to access to USB charge.
Charging time average is 1h30 to 2 hours.
An external battery pack is included with your product.
You can charge by connecting to standard 220 but not to your laptop. 

2.Download HOOT TRACKER App

Available in app store and google playstore just type « HOOT TRACKER »

Or scan here directly :

App is free

To connect your tracker to HOOT app, follow the app instructions .

3. Mounting your tracker

Before mounting your tracker, you have to verify which mounting system is compatible with your bike. Depending on your brand, model and type of bike. ( ➡️ Avec quels vélos est compatible le HOOT Traceur ?)

Once your mounting system establisheb, we recommand you to follow strictly this tutorial video.

If you don’t feel comfortable to mount it by your ow, ; do not hesitate to contact one of our shop.

4. Custom your tracker and tracking mode.

Now that your tracker is charged and mounted, you can choose which tracking mode and which intensity is appropriate for you.

For regular and daily riders, we recommand to use « SMART / EXPERT » mode.
It saves battery.

For occasional and leasure riders, we recommand you to use STANDARD mode

Each modes will protect and monitor your bike and, in each one, you can define less or more intensive tracking for your bike.

If you need more informations or any help during those first steps, please read the articles concerning HOOT TRACKER app here :

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