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Is the GPS position of the tracker accurate ?

If your bike is in an area covered by the network and in clear and clear weather, in case of movement of the bike its GPS position will have an accuracy ± 5 meters.

If your bike is in an area where the GPS signal is weak (building, basement, tunnel, etc.), GPS data may be less accurate or inaccessible.

If the tracker doesn’t receive the satellites then you don’t receive the position of the GSM (mobile) terminal.

On the map, a “position of the relay antenna” is mentioned. In this case the accuracy can be up to 3mi 188.0665yd.

Above all, in this case, the movement alert should be retained rather than the position. However, it still allows to know the approximate position of your bike, in some cases it is a good indication.

If it’s in an area not covered by the mobile, you will receive nothing.

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