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Step 2 : Connect your HOOT Tracker with the HOOT TRACKER app

For the HOOT Bike GPS Tracker to partner with the HOOT TRACKER application:

Create your account : It’s done in step 1.


First step, be creative.

=> Give a name to your bike to validate this first step.

If you do not enter the name of the bike first, you will not be able to access the next step.


Then have your 16-digit IMEI number on the back of the notice.

You can scan the QrCode of your tracer or enter it manually.

Note : The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the unique ID number of your HOOT Bike GPS Tracker.

To pair your tracker, make sure your smartphone is close to the tracker and we recommend to be outdoor for a better signal. Move it from time to time to communicate with our servers.

* The first GPS data can take few minutes to appear.

You will find all the steps inside your box and on our website.

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