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Step 3 : How to choose between “Standard” or “Expert” mode?

The approach is different but in both cases your bike is monitored by default.

The first thing to ask yourself : are you comfortable using Bluetooth on your smartphone?

In function, it is better to choose one mode more than the other.

* In “Standard” mode

You don’t have to do anything, except one :

Do you want to receive notifications or not ?

Your bike is always drawn and you find position points in the "History". You receive alerts during a movement.

You are free to cut notifications.

The battery is more used because you receive position points regularly.

The big difference with the “Expert” mode is that in “Standard” mode :

* You always have the path of your bike

* You receive notifications including when you are using your own bike

* You’re not using Bluetooth.

* In “Expert” mode


It is necessary to:
* Be familiar with using Bluetooth on your smartphone
* Be comfortable not receiving notification and GPS point (unless there is a problem).

You have a simple use of your bike: home-work trips, road training ?

This mode, very battery-efficient, is for you.

In case of motion/vibration, the tracker wakes up and searches your Bluetooth to find out if the person handling the bike is registered as a trusted person on your smartphone :

* If yes: they will not send a notification. They recognized you, so they are back on standby.

If not : your smartphone is not nearby: you will be notified in a few minutes with the last recorded GPS point.

It’s the "Tracking" mode that just activated.

If your bike has been stolen, go directly to "Theft" mode.

Watch out

Our tracker is designed to warn you of a possible theft, and find your bike if it is stolen.

Use a Garmin-type GPS or your phone if you want to have the track of your route.

The two functions should not be confused.

The purpose of our HOOT GPS tracker is :

Be on standby as much as possible to save battery

* Make sure that the person who moves the bike is a trusted person

* Notify you in just a few minutes: 2 minutes depending on the network.

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