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I think loose steering bearings

Stop riding and have the assembly checked by a professional immediately.

You can check the tightening of the stem and your steering bearings.

Several possibilities can explain this problem :

* It’s missing a spacer and the expander comes as a stop on the fork pivot. In this case, even tightening to the maximum you will still have some .

* The Carbon pivot clamp wasn’t tight enough and moved.

* The thread brake hasn’t been applied or not in sufficient quantity.

* The tracker wasn’t tight enough. This tightening is delicate because it’s necessary to compress the bearings in order not to have any play but also not to tighten too much to not damage the bearings.

* Another possibility, the stem is loose. Be careful this can be very dangerous or even deadly.

Quickly contact a HOOT Certified Professional.

Carbon pivot : 

Alumnium pivot : 

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